Tutorial #1

Drawing the Eye!


Step 1

Drawing lightly, sketch the basic eye shape paying attention to spaces and distances.

Step 2

The eyebrow is a shape made of little hairs. Draw the shape only, making sure the size relationship to the eye shape is correct.

Step 3

The iris is a perfect circle with the pupil directly in the center. Leave a small round white reflection to help the eye look shiny and wet.

Step 4

Once you are happy with all the basic shapes, you can start to thicken and darken the lash area and the outside of the iris.

Step 5

Carefully add dark tones to the top part of the iris and lighten as you go down. Be careful to leave the high light clear of any tone. It should be completely white.

Step 6

In order for your eye to look wet, you must surround it with a darker tone for contrast. Don't be afraid of the dark! Layer your tones until you build them up smoothly.

Step 7

Using a sharp point, draw in all the eyebrow hairs one at a time. Pay attention to the angle of the growth. Also you can continue to build up all the tones and dark areas in the eyelid.

Step 8

The lashes should never be drawn like a fan of hairs; they actually clump together as they curve around the eyeball. The lower lashes are shorter and a bit chaotic. Notice that the eyeball isn't white. It's actually a few shades darker and the lashes usually cast shadows, so lay in a very light tone, dark at the top and lighter as you go down. Remember the ball is round, so shade is like a sphere.

Step 9

At this point I wanted to get even darker on the facial tones to make the eye sparkle even more. Adjust your tones as you draw.

Step 10

Still darker and I added a little hair to frame the face and make the drawing more attractive.


Below is an animation of the complete process!
Good Luck and Practice, Practice, Practice!