A Message from the Creator of DFN!


I    N    T    E    R    L    I    G    H    T   

     Dear Viewer:

     Thank you for your interest in purchasing the Quick Draw System and beginning your journey to “SEE” and “THINK” like an artist. By learning to engage the visual powers of the right side of the brain your drawings will improve dramatically!

     After watching Draw Faces Now!, you will realize that objects can be broken down into shapes, distances, spaces, shadows and tones. Most people believe that the face is the “hardest” thing to draw. If so, it is only because of our brain’s perception of what we are seeing. We must change our perception and see things as shapes, distances and shadows, and not as eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. That simple shift in thinking can lead to amazing breakthroughs for the student. Once you learn to think and see like an artist, you will be able to draw anything!

     I have developed TEN STEPS to help you organize the drawing process. If you will pay close attention and follow each step exactly, I guarantee you’ll see incredible results. You can overcome the drawing fear factor by being diligent and confident. Trust your visionary skills and obey your eyes not your mind. For example, if your eyes tell you an area is very dark gray, don’t leave it light.

     To reinforce this newly learned thinking process I have included four professional black and white photographs to keep you drawing. There is no substitute for practice and hard work! It  may only take an hour for you to improve, but drawing takes a lifetime to master!

     Keep on drawing!

     Jon Knowles
     Author of the Draw Faces Now! Program


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