Tutorial #2

Drawing a Smile!


Step 1

Draw the top lip lightly. When someone smiles his or her lips stretch and get thin.

Step 2

Draw the bottom lip making it thicker than the top.

Step 3

Darken the corners of the mouth, making two small triangles and lightly sketch the bottom of the top teeth.

Step 4

Draw the points of the gum line that will separate the teeth. Draw the bottom indentions of the top teeth.

Step 5

Add a middle gray tone to the top and bottom lips. The top is usually darker.

Step 6

Tone in the gums and lightly add the bottom teeth.

Step 7

The teeth are never pure white. Carefully add layered tone to the top teeth, bottom teeth and use your eraser to pull reflected light from the bottom lip.

Step 8

I added a bit of tone to establish the facial muscles that pull the lips and some small high lights on the teeth the make them look wet.

Step 9

Use your eraser to pull out more sparkles on the gums, teeth and lips.

Step 10

Lastly, add sparkle to a few bottom teeth and light wrinkles in the bottom lip. Smile, you're done.


Below is an animation of the complete process!
Good Luck and Practice, Practice, Practice!